Thursday, 15 November 2012

a million love songs.

and i´d like to sing them all to the countless people who have showed us their endless support and given their time and talent to our use in the making of TRASHION! the book in the past three years.

i can never thank you enough.

but here´s a try; timo björninen, sabina eklund, victoria gray, stella harasek, johanna helke, susanna immonen, eelis jahkola, antti kirjalainen, otava kirjalainen, aino-sofia kojonen, janne koskela, monna kosonen, milja köpsi, iris lindholm, hiu lume, manboy, maria miklas, minna nurmela, tiiu oinonen, jani pensola, milja pensola, johanna pohtinen, riina roms, maria santto, pentti syrjälä, jere tienhaara, fiona timantti, nina tuukkanen, sara vallioja, minttu vesala, joni virkki, stephanie wardi, merja yeung.

and last but not least, 


without you we are nothing.


publisher / ATENA
concept and tutorials / outi pyy
art direction and layout / hanna linkola
photography / mikko rasila

to order your copy of TRASHION! please click HERE, or follow the link on the side bar.
if you´d like to meet and greet outi in person be sure to visit the FIDA shop on iso roobertinkatu tonight at 6.30 pm.

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