Thursday, 27 September 2012


it´s the oldest story in the book; i´ll just not come here for a while and think myself over. well. that was what now feels like a century ago. all of a sudden it just got so damn hard to come back and as the weeks passed and the post it notes reminding me to come back started to make mockery of me it was just easier to let it go all together. what did i do instead? by the look of the photos below i had one hell of a summer, went to sicily (YAY!), went fishing (YAY!), slept here and there with the little dog (YAY!), took part in variety of get togethers with a variety of great friends (YAY!), learned how to grow things (YAY!), enjoyed the most beautiful summer skies (YAY!), and yes, somewhere along the way i fell in love with instagram.

these photos are a quick selection of what has happened in the past couple of months and where i´ve been taken from my instagram account. you are most welcome to follow me there if you should please to do so but i will be posting the blog more frequently again as well.

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.04.35

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.04.46

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.04.52

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.05.05

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.05.25

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.05.32

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.05.46

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.05.54

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.06.02

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.06.27

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.06.35

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.06.43

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.06.55

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.07.04

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.07.12

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.07.25

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.07.31

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.07.48

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.08.02

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.08.07

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.08.22

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.08.29

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.08.38

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.08.46

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.08.52

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.09.17

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.10.02

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.10.08

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.10.16

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.10.23

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.10.42

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.10.58

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.11.56

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.12.03

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.12.16

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.12.39

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.13.00

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.13.31

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.14.28

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.15.28

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.14.58

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.15.57

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.16.10

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.16.40

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.17.03

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.17.12

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.17.36

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.17.25

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.18.01

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.18.13

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.18.39

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.18.49

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.19.20

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.19.37

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.20.38

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.20.42

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.20.59

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.21.25

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.21.39

Mikko_Rasila_2012-09-27 10.21.52


Janica Fox said...

Tuo glittertakki on todella makea! Taisi myös nähdä jefferyn kengät.

Kokonaisuudessaan kiva kuva postaus. Oli ilo katsella :)

Anonymous said...

Kiva, että oot taas täällä!