Friday, 24 February 2012

3 x 3 x 3.




the ever-so-beautiful-and-lovely petra, jenni and shadi in some candid outtakes from the make-up bible that just got it's third edition out from the press. go click here to obtain your copy!

Monday, 20 February 2012

desert flower.

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook17 copy

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook16 copy

'like a desert flower waiting for rain,

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook15 copy

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook14 copy

like a river-bank thirsting for the touch of pitchers,
like the dawn

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook9 copy

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook8 copy

longing for light;
and like a house,

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook7 copy

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook6 copy

like a house in ruins for want of a woman -
the exhausted ones of our times

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook5 copy

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook4 copy

need a moment to breathe,
need a moment to sleep,

Mikko_Rasila_ss12-lookbook3 copy

in the arms of peace, in the arms of peace.'

-parween faiz zadah malaal

desert flower / ss2012 by tiia vanhatapio

hair and make-up / karoliina kangas

styling / vesa silver

digital imaging / miika saksi

model / daniela k / paparazzi