Wednesday, 21 September 2011

i am one but not alone.



last night saw the opening of a group exhibition of five finnish photography giants -and me. when i was asked to contribute for the exhibition and join this group of fine, fine photographers whose works i'd been following ever since i first fell in love with the world through a viewfinder i couldn't believe my ears and had to double check to be sure i wasn't in one of them candid camera situations. the exhibition is themed around food and drink, six photographers, six points of view. i'm truly proud to be one of the contributors and stand my corner in this group. i applaude you all.

'kalle' 60x90 cm, edition 1/5 & 'hiu' 60x90 cm, edition 1/5, price on request.

thank you / nikon finland / paparazzi model management / dialab.


Dorit said...


Hanna said...

Rakastan niitä molempia, polven arpea, katsetta ja kehon hiljaisia viestejä.

Tubbs said...

Voi kuinka hianoa! Minä menen heti kattomaan kunhan tervehryn. Oot kones!

heikki said...

Ehkä upeinta mitä oon täällä nähny!

Anonymous said...

Upeita kuvia!