Friday, 30 September 2011

songs of lust and fear.





this project seems to continue. again with the beautiful and amazing umberto with the title cleverly stolen from here.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

baker baker.


'baker, baker, baking a cake
make me a day, make me whole again
and I wonder what's in a day
what's in your cake this time'

tori amos

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

i am one but not alone.



last night saw the opening of a group exhibition of five finnish photography giants -and me. when i was asked to contribute for the exhibition and join this group of fine, fine photographers whose works i'd been following ever since i first fell in love with the world through a viewfinder i couldn't believe my ears and had to double check to be sure i wasn't in one of them candid camera situations. the exhibition is themed around food and drink, six photographers, six points of view. i'm truly proud to be one of the contributors and stand my corner in this group. i applaude you all.

'kalle' 60x90 cm, edition 1/5 & 'hiu' 60x90 cm, edition 1/5, price on request.

thank you / nikon finland / paparazzi model management / dialab.

nightswimming deserves a quiet night.


'nightswimming, remembering that night
september's coming soon
i'm pining for the moon
and what if there were two
side by side in orbit
around the fairest sun?
that bright, tight forever drum
could not describe nightswimming'


Monday, 19 September 2011

the sweetest blog?

i find it hard to believe, but thank you for your kind words, i'm deeply flattered.


as the tradition should have it the honor comes with three magical questions -but why not three magical wishes instead?- and i keep wondering should i tell something about myself or should i tell a beautiful lie. you go and figure.


as for my favorite color i cannot choose one, or even several for that matter, but i can relate to w.b.yeates' (whom i've quoted in here) description on some of them; 'the blue and the dim and the dark cloths of night and light and the half-light'.


favorite food is even trickier than color. trying to pick one is a helluva job, so in the footsteps of kings and vagabods, i'll say that as long it's in best company it's best that i've ever had.


being a person who hates to travel but loves being on the road i cannot say where i'd like to go, but somehow i keep feeling homesick to all the places that i've never been to.


as for the sweetest blog, i cannot say, more like half-witted ramblings of a mad man. but what i do know, is that the girl in the photos is like no other in this world, she is the picture of sweet.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

when the day is done.

the task was simple; two covers and in between them everything there was to know about make up. 'in 200 or so pages', she said in a nonchalant manner. visually stunnig from start to finish and comprehensible enough for the everywoman. i was stunned. and more excited than ever. when the beautiful and talentented mariela sarkima invited me for lunch a couple of years ago to discuss 'something she'd been planning' i had no idea what i was getting myself into, but being a person who never says no to free lunch i accepted. and deary-dear-me, had she been planning. for ten years to be exact.

there was to be an amazing journey of discovery and creativity, a team that would work as a team of all teams, endless days and sleepless nights and the most fun ever. raising the bar on a professional and personal level, deciding that mediocre is not enough, trusting not only yourself but the person standing next to you was crusial for success. one heat exhaustion, 18 months, 31 days of shoots, 56 models and some 38000 frames later we were finished. make up bible was finally a reality.







i have nothing more to say but thank you, shine like the brightest light.