Sunday, 17 April 2011

let's hear it for new york!







the story gets me every time; legend of a beautiful, all loving and all forgiving angel bethesda (for some reason i've always imagined her to be the most beautiful of all angels) who came down from the heavens during the time of the second temple and as her toe touched the ground the court yard parted and water would burst out. quite scandalously for the time, everyone was allowed to come to the fountain and if you'd drink from it or wash in it, you'd be healed from all illness and heart ache. despite everything that new york has to offer -and that's A LOT, especially this summer- the bethesda fountain in central park is my single most favorite place in the city. just like centuries ago, everyone is welcome with their joys and sorrows of everyday life and the most beautiful angel of all angels is silently overlooking the hustle of people coming and going, having coffees, taking photos, playing with their children and then carrying on with their lives. silently and lovingly, all forgivingly.

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