Wednesday, 27 April 2011

everyday items of an unuseful sort.


for the past twenty years my life has been assessed, bound, limited, and somewhat defined by the fact that i've had a pair of glasses on my face. until resently, that is. it's not that i ever minded having to wear glasses but when the lovely folks at espoon silmasairaala offered me a chance to get rid of them i pretty much jumped with joy and excitement.


a bit scared but overcome with excitement i dragged my doctor teemu (bless him) to hell and back with my endless questions about the laser surgery and how it would affect my eyesight.


once he got me convinced that no, the surgery would not leave me paralysed, bald, color blind or blind (or dead) i decided to go ahead with the procedure.


the operation in itself was not a big deal, it was over way before i thought to myself that i propably should start panicing right about now. and the lovely staff would bring me fresh coffee and sandwiches to the recovery lounge -where i would stay just a little bit longer than needed 'cos i knew they had chocolates as well.


all in all, things did go welll and i haven't regretted for a split second having the surgery done. what i HAVE been doing instead has been having fun-fun-fun, doing sports without being semi-blind or bumbing into walls, wearing sunglasses and still been able to see and most of all, doing work being able to trust my own eyes for the first time ever. i'd run out of fancy words on going on and on about how happy i've been and all that so i won't even start. but. if you are looking into having the laserlaser on your eyes, visit the site where you can find my story along with couple of other ones and a hefty bunch of general information regarding the operation and how it's done. go now.


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