Tuesday, 22 February 2011

breathe with me, when the lights go out.


'don't be afraid
you are safe with me'


'don't turn away
don't try to escape'


'don't try to explain now
I know how you feel'


'but it's not the truth'


'I'll take my time to prove you wrong again
you don't belong in here nomore
I'm trying to find the place called home again
you don't belong in here nomore.'

old friends, new friends, long-lost friends. short friends, tall friends, newly found friends.
silly friends, forever friends. i don't need to look any further for i have come home.

music and lyrics manboy.


JEN-SKA said...

<3 pojat
<3 biisi
<3 kuvat!

Stella said...

"hot boys and dancing girls" YES YES YES!

Ihanat kuvat, ihana biisi.

Outi said...

Hear hear.